27:11 (#WORDIFYFriday) 24hours Marathon Sales at Lowest Prices

27:11 – WORDIFY Friday

November 27, 2015 12:00 am

If you have the opportunity to buy from a store at ridiculously low prices how much will you buy?

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... a place of refuge for God's people

You are warmly welcome to the official website of the Word Alive Ministries International a.k.a The Stone Church. A church small enough to know you, big enough to accommodate you and large enough to serve you. The ARK is a place of refuge for God’s people, a place where people find rest for their soul and a place of strength renewal.

Our prayer for you is that the God of all grace anoints you with fresh oil and His precious Spirit illuminates the Word as you read. May He empower you to effectively communicate to others the vibrant hope that He has given you to persevere the struggles that you have overcome and continue to overcome. We sincerely hope you feel welcome and that your experience with us will inspire you into deeper sense of purpose and walk with God.


"Worry attracts trouble" - Alex Adegboye

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Bible In One Year

NOV. 22-28
22    Ezekiel 38-39    Psalm 112
23    Ezekiel 40-41    Psalm 113
24    Ezekiel 42-43    Psalm 114
25    Ezekiel 44-45    Psalm 115
26    Ezekiel 46-48    Psalm 116-117
27    Daniel 1-2    Psalm 118
28    Daniel 3-4    Psalm 119:1-24

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