As part of its mandate to cater for the needs of its members, there are various ministries and fellowships established in the Church. Members are encouraged to belong to at least one of the Ministries and Fellowships:

Lively Stones

The music department of the Stone Church Mokola, (Word Alive Ministries), Under the able leadership of Gbade Adetisola, ‘a meteor in the making, so talented and committed’
The Lively Stones, The Stone Church Mokola was founded in 1993 as part of The Word Alive Ministries continue reading>>

Corporate Affairs

The ministry is in charge of publications of Church newsletters, magazines and Books. It also aims to encourage a sound reading and creative writing culture among Church members. The Church’s Bookshop is being run by this ministry also.

Counselling Ministry

The ministry is in charge of ensuring new converts are firmly grounded in the Word of God through the Believers Bible Class. Converts are also ministered to through visitations, prayers and counseling, after their conversion.

 Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality (ushering) ministry of the Stone Church is a purpose driven ministry whose sole aim is to propagate the gospel by creating a conducive atmosphere for people to serve God, by giving them a warm reception and ensuring that they are comfortable in the Church. They are trained to express the love of God to the worshippers with a joyful countenance and disposition always. They hold an outreach annually (towards the end of the year) where they also propagate the gospel. They meet every second Saturday of the month at 5pm. New members are also welcome.

House Cell Ministry

This ministry serves Church members at a personal level in small groups called the House cells. All Church members belong to the House cell group closest to their homes. The House cells meet on Sundays for an hour of sharing and fellowship between 5.30 – 6.30.p.m. View House cell directory here

Marriage & Family Affairs

The ministry is responsible for pre-marital and post-marital counseling for Church members. Family related issues are also addressed in this ministry.

Outreach and Publicity Ministry

This ministry is responsible for sensitizing the Church about her evangelistic responsibilities though various means and methods.

Prayer Ministry

The ministry lifts up the Church and the Ministers in prayer. All Church activities are preceded by a period of praying led by this ministry.