Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

A Praying Mind

The time that most of us pray is when there is a life threatening situation or when there seems to be a societal unrest or when there is an impending danger around the corner

Prayer is meant to be a conversation between man and God. Any man who wants to pray can train and discipline himself to engage in consistent prayers. Indeed, every man ought to pray to God through Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit. However, prayer is the least activity that most people want to do except when trouble comes. The time that most of us pray is when there is a life threatening situation or when there seems to be a societal unrest or when there is an impending danger around the corner, and if nothing is done, the situation would aggravate.

But prayer should never done only at emergency hours. If anything, it should be a hobby. The act of communicating with God either in thanksgiving, petitioning, supplicating or requesting must be done from the depth of our hearts. This means that while we pray, our total person – spirit, soul and body must be fully involved. The wandering, unstable, double minded Christians will receive nothing from God. One way out of the situation is to keep our minds and eyes focused on the word of God.

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One should decide to bring one’s attention to the business at hand. It is like driving a car down the road and if you let go of the steering wheel, the car will keep moving, but it will go where it wants and not where you want. We must know how to stay focused in the place of prayers and sustain it by the power of Holy Spirit. As the moving car is yours, so is your mind. Feed your mind fast and fat with the word and reduce the event of mind wandering in the place of prayer.

When the soul, which is the location of the mind, wants to leave the prayer place so it can allow thoughts for your personal cares and worries to take control, you will have to tune to the word of God. Do a mental recall of God’s word and make your mind alert to God’s word. Read the word and think the word and say the word and act the word. Command your mind to be still. This is more of a task and the more one does this, the better one becomes in controlling the mind in prayer.

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However, the most important person who can help in prayer and make it enjoyable is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses and strengthens us with might in our inner man. Through Him we talk both to and through Him. The Father also connects to us through Him. By the Holy Spirit, our discussions are well presented and coordinated. He helps to take out all the ambiguities and puts in the right words for us before the Father. Praying in and with the Holy Spirit is the best way to connect with the throne room and get direct answers.

He helps to beat out all the frequency jams along the wave line and ensure that your prayer is not stored in the voice mail. In light of this thought, one should determine before prayer what he wishes to discuss with God. During prayer, one should be able to talk to God the way we do with a close friend, and truly, He is more than a close friend, he is a Covenant Friend. He will be faithful till the very end. The interaction, the way it happens between friends, should ignite laughter or tears or smiles

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