Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Considering Purpose

We all have a creative vision and a purpose lurking around in the background of our lives, but often our everyday minds try to keep it out of our consciousness. Our purpose – in a nutshell – is to become who we are meant to become. It is a higher quality of being, a heightened attitude, or a value that we want to live into.  

Our purpose involves invoking some kind of positive feeling state that we want to become a permanent part of our character – that is most often the opposite to how we were raised. Our life purpose is most often inspired by our family of origin and the circumstances of our upbringing. What we truly need to do in the world has its origins in healing our original family. What we could not achieve in our original family is quite often the underpinning of our calling in the world.

If you were to look at all of your dreams and desires, they would have a higher quality of feeling behind them that you are not fully living into just yet. Likely you feel a conflict between who you were supposed to be “to get along” and “not rock the boat” with who you really are designed to be in your purpose. We are all meant to bring something new to life that is a progression and an improvement on how we were raised. Often our purpose runs counter to what we think we should do to belong,

You may feel your purpose involves being new and different in your family, in your workplace, or in your culture – and you may fear not fitting in. Perhaps you sense your purpose is coming up in your consciousness and you are repressing it right back down again. Perhaps you think your purpose is too big or too ridiculous to follow through on. We often tell ourselves that we do not have the strengths, courage, talents or capacities to live into our purpose. Or maybe we are caught in blaming other people for how we feel and have conveniently “forgotten” our purpose nearly entirely.

We really do have places to fill in life that are uniquely ours to occupy. This may not always involve being famous or even always making money doing it. Our life purpose can be simply about how to be genuinely happy, or grateful, or generous. Our life purpose always involves giving to life and bonding and connecting with other people in some kind and helpful way. This requires that we move into the greatest strength that we can muster. It involves letting go of old hurt.

You could call your life purpose your unique way of loving life and other people. Ask yourself this question, “How do I uniquely want to love and give to life?” Be sure to check into areas of life where you are afraid. You might even ask, “What do I need to give to life in order to feel whole? What am I afraid to give to life?” African Elder Malidoma Some puts it this way, “Every person is sent to this outpost called earth to work on a project that is intended to keep the cosmic order healthy. Any person that fails to do what he or she must do energetically stains the cosmic order.”

A Psychologist writes, “Having worked in a hospital setting facilitating art for the elderly and interacting with over 500 people including patients and staff, I see that we all have a part to play in the organization of whatever human system that we live and work in. And no one is inessential. Some of the best people I have met are not necessarily the people who are at the top of the organization, or those who are making the most money. The people who are most on purpose are the ones who are giving to the reality of their day in an authentic, intelligent and mature way that considers the whole of the situation, and is utilizing the best of their character.

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