Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

The Creative Force of Life and Destiny

Some people are so tall and big on the outside, but they are so small and tiny on the inside. The creative force of life can effectually change your circumstance and situation.

The creative force of life can effectually change your circumstance and situation. This world’s system was not created for things to get better for everyone; it was designed to keep many people under. But if you have the force of life working in you, you can turn it around. You may be born poor, but you can die rich. You may have been born as a non-entity, but you can get to the top by the force of life.

When you look into the scriptures, you would see how God lifted the poor from the dust. It takes the power of God to change the circumstances around you. If you desire a change in your life, you should look inside and draw the power of God upon the situation. You can begin to harness the power that made the universe from your heart. That is why Solomon says we must guard our hearts with all diligence for that is where the forces of life are being released.

A Christian cannot afford to be carnal in his or her orientation. You have no choice but to be spiritual. When you want to go for an interview, you should prepare. But beyond the academic preparation, you should engage the force of life. Many years ago, my company applied for a job in Lagos. When we got there, they asked for the man representing the company. I was a tiny little boy and I just managed to stand up. The man looked at me, and I sensed in his heart he said you are too small.

The other company competing with us was led by a very popular architect with connection and charisma. He could oppress the panel because they were all his boys. When he came into the hall, he was smoking pipe. These are the kind of people you meet in business. The thing is that, before you get to the place of interview, you would have taken control and release the forces of life. Eventually, my company got that job.

The way we got it was a miracle. The big man and the state governor fought, and then the governor gave an express instruction that they should not give the job to the man. What was working there? It was the force of life that turned the table around for our good. In addition, a member of the panel admitted that he liked our work. That is the force of life right there! You may be small on the outside but you can be big on the inside.

Smith Wigglesworth used to say, “I am a thousand times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.” Some people are so tall and big on the outside, but they are so small and tiny on the inside. The force of life sets to motion the creative processes. The creative ability of God was released when He said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. You must keep this fact in mind, and that is the fact that you can speak the word of God and expect things to take shape.

– Pastor Alex Adegboye

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