Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

If you are a Christian and you really want to have victory over your storms, there's only one way to it.

We are a generation that is in more trouble than we can handle. We grapple with sicknesses that have no cure, financial pressures of monumental proportions and unprecedented political storms. Many times, political, economic and religious storms are all rolled into one great storm. Storms could be personal, local or global in scope and they could come from any direction.

Life is designed in such a way that there will be storms once and again. Sometimes when you hear that something has happened to somebody, you may think, “That cannot happen to me…” until it comes to your doorstep. Storms come to everyone at different stages in life. You are either coming out of a storm, right in the midst of storm or going towards a storm.

In many cases, the enemy is behind it as he will bring storms along our pathway with the sole purpose of stealing, killing and destroying. The devil will do everything to get your focus away from the word of God and make you focus on the storm. Peter started sinking when he took his eyes off of Jesus. If you do not take your eyes away from the word of God (i.e. Jesus), you will prevail.

This is why he will make the storm so big and pervasive so that he can eventually defeat you. These issues confront and torment us – inner storms, family storms, career storms and financial storms. Even though you pray and come to church, this problem is so massive that it distracts you completely. The enemy will make sure he keeps you completely focused on it.

The battle of faith is actually about what and where you focus. What do you see while you are standing in faith? Where should you put your focus? If you are a Christian and you really want to have victory over your situation, faith in God is your only hope. You must be able to deploy the forces of faith in a way that you will overcome and come out of the storm unscathed.

This requires that you fix your focus on God because your faith is determined by what you are looking at. The strength of your faith is tied to what you focus on. Not only should you have a proper focus, you should adjust your value system. Your value system is made up of things that you value according to their importance to you. When you develop a good value system, your focus will be right and it will strengthen your faith to receive from God.

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