Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Free Moral Agent

Many times, God’s people miss Him because they do not take the right moves ad steps. There are great and precious promises that God has given us as His children. Though God has put these great potentials in us, but if your move is not right, you will miss God.

If you will not make the right move, you could just bypass God’s eternal purpose for your life. You are responsible for the things that God will do in your life because even though He wants to do great and mighty things, you will need to allow Him.

That is what is called ‘a free moral agent.’ You may accept and you may refuse! If Mary had said, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be the mother of Jesus. Angel Gabriel, thank you very much for your visit, but I don’t have time for that…” that would have been it.

We generally believe that God moves in mysterious ways, but the bases of His moves are not as mysterious as they look sometimes. The operations of God are based on some certain principles as stated in His Word and it is there for our learning.

You may never see a burning bush like Moses, or hear the voice of archangel Gabriel like Mary, but you can hear a word. Hence, we need to adjust our ways, our perspectives and our attitudes so that God can do what He has planned to do in our lives.

You can be led by the Holy Spirit to go to the right place at the right time meeting the right person. You can also choose to respond to your situations in a positive way, and that may be all you need to release and activate the promises of God in your life.

Whichever way, you must do something definitely different or else you are bound to come out with the same result as before. God’s purpose is the underlying reason behind the things that He does. He does all that He does according to what He has purposed for you.

No matter how many ideas and plans you have, only the purpose of God shall stand. If you miss His purpose, you would have missed everything. When you discover why God created and sent you to the earth, it will help you to have a sound value system with the right priorities and choices.

Culled from the book titled Classic sermons written by Pastor Alex Adegboye

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