Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International


The Shekinah Stones is at it again, this time with a stage play tagged “IRONY OF THE CITY”. The Shekinah Stones is the drama arm of The Stone Church which annually conducts a stage play on the last Saturday of October every year, the News and Event Crew spoke with Mr. Ademola Adeniran an active member of the group who also participated actively in the committee  set up by the group to coordinate this year’s event. He has this to say.

Question 1: What is Irony of the City and what does it connote?

Answer: Irony of the City is what we the Shekinah Stones of the church tagged this year’s drama night, an event we regularly hold annually on the last Saturday of the month of October every year. Irony of the City is about a young boy with great potentials who was born in the village. His pregnancy was delayed and his parents sought the village priest who prophesied that the boy will be great; he will bring fame and fortune to the village and succeed him. To be the chief priest was to attain one of the highest, most esteemed and revered position. This young man grew up in the village where he had his primary and secondary education. He later proceeded to the city to acquire tertiary education. On returning back to the village, he was completely a different being, he had given his life to Christ and was saved. Now it was time for him to undergo the rituals and take up the assignment for which he was born, he refused and the man died. To know what happened in the story after he died, we enjoin you to kindly attend the programme this weekend and see for yourself.

Question 2: What is the message of the theme?

Answer: Basically, it is an outreach targeted at winning souls for the Lord by promoting what the power of God can really do in a person’s life while ensuring no power can harm you once you are in Christ.

Question 3: What inspired the theme “Irony of the City”?

Answer: We just thought of what was going on around us as humans. There’s that void in every human and they want something to occupy it, and it is until you give your life to Christ that it will be filled and you will derive that satisfaction that comes to the human soul. As a matter of fact, we had the story line before it was themed. It was one of us that suggested the theme after we had deliberated the script together. The newly found faith the young man brought from the city was an irony to the belief system of the village where he was born and raised up.

Question 4: What should we expect from this year’s event?

Answer: For one, we are show casing Christ. We want to make people realize what they have and are capable of doing in Christ: their rights and privileges and superiority over Satan. Secondly, like every other drama; it is laced with some entertainments, fantastic and beautiful displays.

Question 5: What is the date, time and place of this event?

Answer: It is coming up this Saturday the 27th of October, 2012 by 5:00pm at The Ark, The Stone Church, Mokola, Ibadan.

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