Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Making A Difference

As Christians, no obstacle should obstruct us from carrying out our key obligations as designed for our lives by God.

Esther was an orphan but grew up under the guardianship of Uncle Mordecai. Her parents were separated from her, oh no, she was separated from her parents the way apostle Paul was also separated from his mother’s, for such a special assignment ordained by divinity.

It is a norm for an orphan to experience lack. Consequently, Esther didn’t have problems staying away from food and she didn’t have problems staying away from make-up. Through the rigours of life, she has learnt to be content either in the time of adversity or prosperity. Soon, these are the qualities that later set her apart for good from the rest of the feminine gender.

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What did the ruling monarch, administering 127 provinces, discover in Esther to have married her? Prior to the time she appeared before the king, she requested for nothing except the simple lot the chamberlain recommended. She wore no heavy make-ups nor flashy jewelries to win the attention of a wealthy king just the way Eve wore no make-up to win the trust and pledge of Adam in Eden.

It is never a matter of make-up; rather it’s a matter of wake-up. Indeed, it’s about the way you wake-up to the call of destiny. In due course, Queen Esther was coronated and decorated, and straightway made a difference in the life of king Ahasuerus. Before her union with the king, the king was a notorious alcoholic to the point he got drunk and lost his good sense but Esther curbed these excesses.

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Here, Esther excelled where Vashti was expelled. Esther abruptly ended all these weird tendencies. Oddly, Ahasuerus was willing to satisfy his figment of imagination when he called Vashti to vaunt her beauty. It was a strange desire, but the king wanted to stir up conflict among the men folk. Women of the calibre of Esther are rare commodities; they are daring and cannot be divorced.

Expectedly, a king ought to be disciplined and powerful in reign. Ahasuerus had a kingdom structure but Esther guided him with a warm nurture. Esther provided him personal stability and solidity. Hereafter, there was no further record of the king going gung-ho on alcohol and there was no historic record of Esther having to display her pretty shape and physique to the public audience.

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Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that waiteth on his master shall be honoured (Proverbs 27:18). As Christians, no obstacle should obstruct us from carrying out our key obligations as designed for our lives by God. Like Esther, one may have to stay different in order to make a difference. Leadership comes with responsibilities, and life will always present many opportunities for making a difference.

– Demola Adeniran

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