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Dealing with stress biblically

Dealing with Stress Biblically

Our world, greatly marred by sin, is a crucible of trials and tribulations that test the limits of fallen mankind. Who among us can say,

A sickness free life

There is a revelation in Romans 8:11 that God used to liberate me from the grip of sickness. The drug that was given to me

A New Year Without FEAR

Fear reduces you so as to reveal your humanity. Fear is incipient death, and it is a weapon in the hand of the devil.

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Kept from danger

Kept from danger

Four years ago, i.e. Year 2015, my family members and I embarked upon a journey to the east and during our time in Benin city we had a flat tyre

Saved from street life

Saved from street life

I testify to the glory of God for all He has done for me. He saved me and made me whole again. My upbringing as a child was terrible. The

God Healed Me of My Pains

In the Year 2016, I battled with a serious pain in my anus. I observed that something was growing from the anus and I took several drugs both local and

God Has Been Faithful To My Family

God has proven to be faithful even though we are faced with tribulations. John 16:33 remarks that, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have

Your Victory, Your Voice

I sincerely thank God for healing that has taken place in my family. While we were fasting on a Wednesday, I got a call from my mother informing me that

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