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No Trespass
Bible Passage John 10:10

No Trespass

  • Pastor Alex Adegboye
Date preached 27th August 2017

Bible Text: John 10:10 | Preacher: Pastor Alex Adegboye

In the Kingdom of God we have an outlaw called satan and we need to enforce laws against him. The primary outlaw that we are all contending with is satan himself and he is always seeking to break God’s laws.

An outlaw is someone who breaks laws; someone who trespasses beyond lines of restraints. Our trespasser is the devil and you would have to erect a signboard on your life, through the spirit, stating that no trespassing here.

A life that is full of sicknesses and diseases does not bring glory to God. The devil is responsible for sicknesses and diseases, and anything that the devil does on your body means that he is crossing a line and you must fight and resist him.

Some incontrovertible facts:

Sickness and disease come from satan. John 10:10
Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 6:19-20
Satan, sickness and disease in your body is an outlaw. Rom 8:3
Jesus paid for our sicknesses and diseases. Isaiah 53:4
You have the responsibility to enforce the Law of the Spirit of life in your body. Rom 8:11

When sin came into the world, sickness and disease came with it. Sickness is a foul offspring of satan and sin. The justice system of God requires that payment for sins must be done and Jesus paid the price for our sins in full.

You do not have to commit sin to become a sinner, you were born in sin. We owe a debt we can never pay but Jesus paid a debt He never owed. There is no reason we should be sick or poor because Jesus paid the price for it all.

Your body is the house of your spirit and your spirit has the responsibility to take care of your body. Quicken the spirit in you to say to your body that no sickness is permitted in this place. Paste on the walls of your body – ‘NO TRESPASS HERE!’

How to erect the sign of ‘no trespassing’ in your body:

Be spiritually minded. Rom 8:6
Speak spirit language. Ps 107:2; Gal 3:13
Consecrate your body to God. Rom 12:1

As far as God is concerned, you are free from sin and sickness. We came under the devastating effect of sin when the first Adam sinned but Jesus, the last Adam, paid the price for our sins in full. Therefore we have forgiveness and healing from God, and we must stand strong on the victory Jesus Christ procured for us.

Doctors heal you from the outside but God heals you from the inside. If you are grappling with any sickness, speak to the sickness, not to God. Keep speaking to the sickness until it leaves your body. Say that, I am the redeemed of the Lord; By His stripes I am healed. Use the spirit ink to write ‘no trespassing’ in your body by speaking forth the word of God to your body.