There's a need for you to understand spiritual warfare. There is certainly a warfare in the spirit, but what is the nature of this warfare? 
Faith is the way out of every fire for without faith it is impossible to please God. Fire doesn't crush faith rather it purifies faith. Fire makes faith stronger. Faith always prevail because it quenches the violence of fire. Fire doesn't destroy faith, it only makes Jesus to glorify Himself.
No matter how difficult your situation might be, it will pass because it has a life span. You will be standing when the problem has passed. You might not know what tomorrow holds, but you know you will outlast your problems.
Praying in other tongues is the doorway to the supernatural. There is a realm that is much more than this world and it is the Holy Ghost that leads us to that realm.
How does prayer work? Who can pray? Elijah shut the heavens through his prayers; Joshua commanded the sun to stand still – these Bible characters are human beings like you and I. as such, we need to discover the eternal riches of spiritual life.