Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

The Super Man

We have the liberty to be who we are called to be. We are not to live according to the standards of the world around us.

A super man is a person of supernatural or superhuman power and achievements. Christ operated in the supernatural throughout the record of the gospels. He abandoned the Jews, comforted the government of the country and even today’s, yet they sought after Him because He is the superman. He is the Superman.

Jesus is the Superman. He is the Superman in every sense of the word. He reigned when He was on the earth and He reigns in the heavens. So we too can reign in life forever because we have His Holy Spirit on our inside.

Though today, we have super men and women in our various professions and callings. The people around us will only be able to do the will of God once they see us reflecting the nature of the Holy Spirit that is on the inside.

In the realms of the spirit, Jesus is the head over principalities and powers. Indeed, He is over all and He is the all in all. Therefore there is no need worrying about the negative fires coming from the kingdom of darkness because they are subject to Christ forever.

We have the liberty to be who we are called to be. We are not to live according to the standards of the world around us. In this liberty, we are called to live at the level that is higher than those of the world around us just as Jesus did during His days on earth.

Jesus Christ is the beginning and the ending. He is the One who determines how situations begin and they end, and hence for our good. Christianity without Christ is nothing, but with Christ (anointing) residing in us, we are supermen too.

Christianity is more than a religion but a way of life made possible by grace. The channel to becoming a superman is Christianity through the Holy Spirit manifesting in our lives. Jesus Christ is no longer on earth, but He has given us His Holy Spirit and we represent Him.

Culled from the book Gold Nuggets by Pastor Alex Adegboye

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