Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

The Voice of Jacob, The Hand of Esau

Pastor Alex Adegboye

Gen 27:1-38 “…And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau thy firstborn; I have done according as thou badest me: arise, I pray thee, sit and eat of my venison, that thy soul may bless me. And Isaac said unto his son, how is it that thou hast found it so quickly, my son? And he said, because the LORD thy God brought it to me. And Isaac said unto Jacob, Come near, I pray thee, that I may feel thee, my son, whether thou be my very son Esau or not. And Jacob went near unto Isaac his father; and he felt him, and said, the voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau. And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau’s hands: so he blessed him…”

At sundry times, some people have asked this question – “why do some Christians in spite of their religious assertions, affiliations, titles and positions, are involved in some shady dealings and untruthful in business?” I would like to say here, that a christian can be born again, spirit-filled and tongue-talking and still do such things because there is a missing factor, an essential, that is, “the knowledge of God”, missing in his life. If you don’t know your God, you will do anything.

According to the scriptures above, a man can receive God’s promise, which is valid, but can employ means unapproved by God to fulfill the promise; this does not invalidate the promise. Jacob was smart but his mother was smarter. He got his mother to help him get the blessing. In order to fulfill the prophecy as fore-told during their conception – Rom 9:11-13; first, he made Esau sell his birthright through a morsel of pottage in exchange – Hel 12:15-16. Secondly, he disguised as Esau to get the blessing Isaac promised Esau. A number of people employ the hand of Esau (that is, deception) to get the promise. You can deceive others to get God’s blessings like Jacob did; this does not imply God’s approval. God may overlook your wrongdoings but does not approve of them. After God gives you a promise, He expects you to work with Him to fulfill the promise.


  1. Disobedience, compromise, short-cuts: this is compromising holy standards just to get ahead.
  2. The way of the world.
  3. The end justifies the means.


  1. Lack of the knowledge of God and His ways. Rebekah lacked the knowledge of who God was and how He fulfills His promises – Nahum 1:3.
  2. Because the enemy exploits the Jacob in them. There’s a Jacob in every one of us. Jacob means a cheat or a weakness in character. The devil identifies this weakness and employs it.
  3. Because of pressures from friends. Some people listen to and do all sorts of advice they are given. A number of people have nothing to say but they are talking.
  4. Pressure of time. This is the wrong understanding that time is no longer in one’s favour.
  5. They are trying to help God like Rebekah. Don’t try to help God because God cannot be helped.
  6. Because of satanic onslaught, that is, a generational problem – 1 Tim 1:4. Some people do wrong things because it is a generational attitude passed down from previous generations.


  1. Realize you are using the wrong way to live your live. One of the greatest difficulties of man is to accept that he is wrong – Gen 3:12.
  2. Remember there is a Jacob in you as you make your choices.
  3. Confess your faults one to another.


Don’t try to help God because God cannot be helped.


Lord, teach me the knowledge of you and show me your way that I may walk with you, Amen.

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