Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Victim or Victor: You Choose!

Pastor Alex Adegboye

Some people feel everything but victorious in life. They believe their situations are hopeless and therefore feel trapped and victimized. Today, I want to help you change that attitude. There is nothing as bad as having a sense of helplessness; as if you can’t do anything about that situation. These are the people I call victims. Many years ago, Jesus also felt like that on the Cross of Calvary, and the reason He felt like that was so you don’t have to feel like that. You have to learn to help yourself, family and generations by choosing right and making the right choices.

I am going to show you 2 people who made choices. One of them made a choice that had a devastating effect on his future generation, while the other, his choice brought a blessing to his children. Be careful, for your choices today don’t only affect you, but will also affect your future generations.

  1. Eli: a High Priest of Israel. 1 Samuel 3:11. In verse 18, we see Eli feeling like a victim, thinking the die is cast and cannot be reversed. That thinking is not of God, when He pronounces judgment upon a person, it’s because He wants you to repent, not resign yourself to “fate”. You have a choice to reject any evil word spoken against you or to accept it. Even though Eli was a High Priest, he did not know God enough to ask for His mercy.
  2. Hezekiah: 2Kings 20: 1 – 6. Nothing could sound more hopeless that receiving a prophecy of doom from a genuine man of God that he was going to die. Because Hezekiah knew God does not expect us to be victims of anything or under any circumstances, not even if the words are directly spoken from God – he could have the audacity to change it through prayer. You have the confidence to do this because the will, plan and purpose of God for us is to prosper and be in health, and God always respects His word.

God has given you the power of choice; you can choose life or death (Deut. 30:19). You can choose to serve God or not serve Him, it’s your choice (Joshua 24:15). You are who you choose to be, in spite of whatever circumstances you are facing, Hebrews 11.24 – 25. Ruth chose to remain in Naomi’s family in spite of the fact that she was legally free to leave since her husband was dead, Ruth 1;16. You can also choose to repent or remain in sin John 3.6. In Rev.2.20 God warned Jezebel the prophetess of Satan to repent, but she refused. In other words, wicked people still abound in the church today.

You can choose to be a victor also; the power is your choice. It’s a right given you from God. Many things happen that you have no control over – where you were born, the family you were born into, being born deformed, congenital diseases, life problems and evil prophecies spoken against you. The choice is yours to determine whether it stays or not.

It is not what happens to you in life that matters but the attitude you bring into what happens to you. God intends that you respond appropriately in the circumstances, not under the circumstances.
The ‘can do’ spirit is a Christian spirit, Phil.4.13. You can do or become all things through Christ who strengthens you and the anointing of God over your life.

Symptoms of being a Victim

  1. Being critical of others, including God. When you hate people, any slight thing they do to you will make you feel victimized by them.
  2. Being full of excuses: as long as you have excuses, you will remain a victim. Instead of working hard and trusting God for a breakthrough, you are excusing yourself. Luke 14:15 – 24
  3. Blaming other people, even God. Adam blamed Eve in the garden for giving him the fruit to eat. The Christian faith is an individual faith; whatever you are going through, you are responsible for yourself and being victorious over the predicament.
  4. Sense of hopelessness, feeling trapped: The 10 spies in Num.13 confessed they couldn’t accomplish what God said they could do. The way you see yourself is the way the devil and others see you.
  5. Self pity: seeking sympathy, having the “poor old me” mentality.
  6. Deep feeling that others don’t like or respect you. You feel like you are a nobody.

I now want to help you see why you are not a victim

  1. Hezekiah knew and took advantage of the love of God. 1 John 4.16, know the love of God for he truly loves you. He will not withhold anything good from you. If He can give His Son, what will He not freely give you?
  2. God says in His word that you are a victor. Phil 4.13. Don’t be a victim of somebody or to anybody. You can prosper in your endeavours with or without somebody.
  3. The forces that rule life are at your disposal. Hebrews 1.3, all things are upheld by the word of God’s power. You have unlimited access to the source of that power – you have got the word. God has the last Word (final say) in every matter.
  4. The greater One dwells in you and is working. Phil 2.13, 1Thess 2.13. Let the word work effectually in your life, whether you see it working or not.
  5. Because you are more than a conqueror. A conqueror can be a victim, but a ‘more than conqueror’ can never be a victim. As a person who is more than a conqueror, you have not fought the fight, but received the reward of victory. You get the spoil of war without fighting a battle, for Jesus fought and won for you over 2000 years ago.
  6. You are equipped for life and made for living. God knows where you are, every problem you face God knows it will come and has equipped you for it already Isaiah 60:15. He has made you an eternal excellency, a joy unto many generations.
  7. Christ was a victim, so you wouldn’t be one. He was abandoned by God on the cross bearing our sin and shame, so you could be free of shame and abandonment, Isaiah 53.4

Your options

Make conscious effort to change your attitude

  1. Turn your face to the wall; don’t look up to any man/ connection or money. Look up to God instead.
  2. Pray instead of giving excuses.
  3. Believe God for a miracle.
  4. Forget the things that have happened in the past because there’s nothing you can do about it. Phil 3.13.

Make up your mind to live in victory from today. Have the mindset of a survivor, an overcomer in every area of your life. It is only when you win that you will receive a prize. It’s time to stand up and match on victoriously.

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