Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

When You Stand, I Stand!

This is to appreciate God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ for our Father in the House Pastor Alex and all the fathers in the house as well as fathers to be…

Dear Dad,
I want to say how blessed and how fortunate I am
To have you as my father
For in your standing in Christ,
I stand!

I see all you think I ignore
I am more sensitive than you realize
Or you think I am too small to grasp
I learn more from your actions

By your strength and boldness
In your courage, I am encouraged
How in your loving my Mom
You give me the inspiration
To want to marry a man like you
How I want to grow up and be like you

I see other fathers
How they treat my friends
How they treat their mothers
I know most of my friends
How they wish their Dad will disappear

But Dad you are awesome
And I want you to be always there for me
In your loving
I forgive and love
You emulate the Creator

The Eledumare, our most mighty God
The Father of fathers
You reprimand in love
You know what I don’t need
You take time to explain
The whys, whats, hows and ifs

I don’t know how you understand
When I want to be left alone
That I don’t want to be left alone
I don’t know how you get to make me smile
When I just want to frown

In your gentleness, I am a winner
I see the glow in your eyes
When I am excelling
I see the warmth in your smile
When I am doing well
And when I don’t
You are already there to tell me

I can do all things through Christ
For in your meekness, I can soar
You are that eagle
On whose wings I fly to the sky
You are that knight in shining armour
Who looks to fight and rescue me
From ridiculous malodorous men
From the world that wants to reduce me

On your shoulders I ride
With you, we both trod
On the head of the enemies
And when at night we dine
On the table set before us
In the presence of our enemies
You are the friend that I need

Sometimes I find myself
Grovelling within the grip of dark desires
Encroaching beneath and around,
Ensnared by the seasons and fashions
Endless demands and pressures
Enveloped and ensconced in repression
And troubled by my peers

You are a sage to lead me on
What I need to tell you Dad
Is that I appreciate you
And all you have been doing
For me and my siblings
And when you stand,
I stand!

Thanks Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dr. Modupe Oyetade

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