Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

God Will Visit You

Pastor Ayo Fatokun

1 Chro 13:6-14, Gen 50:24-26.

It looked like a distraction because as they were praising God, the Lord came like a breach upon Uzza. The plan and process was clear – move the Ark into the city of David. An event that changed the course of history happened that day. It was a breach of protocol. David was angry at God when Uzza got killed. What has this man done wrong? As a result of Uzza’s death, David became afraid and could not move the Ark into the city of David anymore.

The Ark has been in the house of Abinadab for 20 years and it did not kill anybody. Uzza was Abinadab’s son and there was no way David would return the Ark to Abinadab and tell him that the Ark has killed his son. The option open to David was to look for somewhere close and safe to put the Ark so that he can go back to restrategize while God cools down from His anger. They decided to keep it with Obededom who was not prepared at all for such a visitation.

 There are 3 things about Obededom:

1. He was an outsider.

2. He was a commoner.

3. He was a good man.

  There are 7 questions to be asked as regards this event.

1. Did God know that David would move the Ark that day? Yes He knew.

2. Did God know that they will place the Ark on a cart contrary to His instructions? Yes He knew.

3. Did God know that the oxen would stumble at that point? Yes He knew.

4. Did God know that Uzza would stretch forth his hand to steady the Ark? Yes He knew.

5. Did God know that David would get angry and refuse to take the Ark into the city? Yes He knew.

6. Did God know that David would take the Ark into the house of Obededom? Yes He knew.

7. If God knew all these things would happen, why did He allow the event to go the way the way it did? It was

    time for God to visit Obededom and because He wanted to visit him, He has to move and orchestrate

    things so that the Ark will end up with Obededom.

The Ark stayed in the house of Abinadab for 20 years and there was nothing to show for it. It was so bad that Uzza who grew up around the Ark still did not know how to relate with the Ark. This whole story revolved around the fact that God wanted to visit Obededom. When God visits, He comes with a clear objective. There is something He wants to accomplish. He has seen your situation and He has come to make a change. He shows up to bring you out of that problem into something better. God knows exactly where to locate you. Exo 3:7-8.

When God visits you He pays attention to you. He ignores everything else and just focuses on you. The day that God decided to visit Mordecai, the king could not sleep. My prayer for you is that God will look upon you with favour and mercy in Jesus name, amen!

What happens when God visits?

1. Prosperity. 1Chro 13:14, Gen 30:30

2. Peace. Is 26:3, Prov 16:7

3. Protection. Ps 121:5, Is 43:2

4. Power. John 11:44.

5. Provision. Job 38:1

6. Restoration. Ps 126:1

What should you do to attract God’s visit?

1. Maintain your walk before God. Job 1:22

2. Keep hope alive. Heb 10:23

3. We must not lose our confidence. Heb 10:35

4. Stand on the promises of God. Jer 1:12

Obededom made room for God in his house and God orchestrated events so He could show up in his life. The life of his family never remained the same again after God’s visit so much so that when David returned to take the Ark into the city of David, Obededom and his family packed their things and followed the Ark. By the time they counted those that minister around the Ark, Obededom and his male family members alone, were 62. I want to encourage you to desire and expect the visitation of God. As we prepare and invite God to visit us, let us make room for Him in our hearts and lives like Obededom did.

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