Can You Hear The Sound?

Preacher: Pastor Ayo Fatokun Tweets: #PstAyoFatokun There is a sound of the abundance of rain! Can you hear that sound? As we journey into this message, I want you to ponder on hearing the sound, not the abundance of rain. According to 1 Kings 18:1-46, there are five categories of people on Mount Camel:

The Blood Speaks

The most important experience in a man’s life is salvation. Salvation is an exchange of life.  Life for life-that is, to gain life you give life instead. The life you lose in this process is the life of death so you can gain eternal life in return.

Divine Favour

Favour is a force; and by its nature, it is crucial and powerful. Therefore, it calls for a thoughtful consideration and an in-depth learning. Favour is more important than talent and beauty. It is also more important than education. Truly, talent, beauty and education can move you up on life’s ladder of success, but favour…

The Battle Of Words

There is a battle for the words that proceed out of our mouths. Great marshals and experts of war can attest to the fact that wars do not start on the battlefield, it starts in the hearts of men. This is the main battle that leads to other battles. This is the battle that determines…