Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

The Relevance Of Herbs To The Sustenance Of Our Health (DUNAMIS 2011)

Rev. (DR) Mike Oye

Text: Gen 9:3

Originally, man was to live forever feeding strictly on greens. That was how it has been designed from creation by God. Only herbivorous animals were to be eaten particularly animals that wear shoes i.e. animals with hooves, not carnivorous animals that kill other animals for food. Those who eat carnivores are already doing harm to their bodies. If you eat cats, dogs, snakes, all scavengers both on the land and in the sea, you are channeling poisons to your body.


Daniel and his Hebrew friends were outstanding models in the Bible for us. Babylon as the leading nation then recruited brilliant students from around the world and they were served all kinds of dainty meals, rich in meat and condiments suitable for kings. But this wasn’t good enough for Daniel and his friends. They had to privily agree with the butler to try them out by providing just beans, greens and water for them. By the end of ten days, they were not only shiny in complexion; they were ten times better than all their counterparts in all things because they continued to obey the law of God in feeding on greens.

I want to posit here that eating vegetables mainly as your meal is one of the basic secrets of longevity, vitality and soundness of life. It also ensures your immunity is boosted and it develops high resistance against diseases. Fortunately, for us here in this part of Nigeria, vegetables are main part of our meals. Talk of bitter leaf, okro, ewedu, shokoyokoto, isapa; all these vegetables directly fight malignant tissues in our bodies. Cancer is deadly but it can be overcome with greens. Vegetables starve malignant cells of ATP and they are relinquished from our bodies through sweats, urine, feaces and the likes.

Any ailment or growth that is cancerous or not starts from our food intake. What you feed on will affect you either positively or negatively. What we do now in Africa is embracing what the Europeans and Americans consume, and then neglecting in ignorance what is predominantly available and beneficial to our bodies at our peril. My advice is that we should stick to foods that come from our own environment. Mostly you should trust what you obtain around you more than the ones exported to you.

Our diet here is one of the very best in the whole world. Eat whole grains, corn, beans, millet, soy products, yam, sweet potatoes (not potatoes), scaly fish like Tilapia, Sardine. There is even a special type of local rice called Acha. It is the only grain in the world that contains methionine and lysine- these are amino acids that greatly aid our bodies against foreign invaders like cancer.

II kings 20.

This is an account between two servants of God – prophet Isaiah and king Hezekiah. King Hezekiah was sick nigh unto death. God sent prophet Isaiah to deliver a message to king Hezekiah. ‘Put your house in order for you are about to die.’ Hezekiah being a prayer warrior prayed to God and immediately Isaiah was told to deliver another message but this time that the king would live for fifteen more years. But it would require a poultice made from the fig tree that would ensure complete healing and in three days the king would return to the temple to give thanks. The Bible commends and recommends the use of vegetables both as our food and also for our direct healing.

Eze 47:12.

Jesus once healed a blind woman with both spittle and soil. A cataract at its early stage is cured by anything that is alkaline in nature because it is caused as a result of acidity in the body. Jesus being Lord of all knows too well this basic biochemistry and He was able to proffer a lasting solution to the cataract.

Let me quickly tell you here that using and eating herbs does not make you a herbalist (Babalawo), in fact when you’re able to use herbs effectively, it makes you a better believer and it means you’ll appreciate and praise the works of God more readily than those who don’t know. Remember your time of meal should be your time of worship because you can readily count what the Lord has provided for you on the table.

In conclusion, it is your eating habits that are the first things which will help you recover from any type of tumour. Here’s a list of food items to include in four different quadrants which makes a circle that you can draw a balanced diet from.

  1. Whole grains which are essential for carbohydrate -energy supply. (25%)
  2. Vegetables and fruits. (25%)
  3. Nuts, teas, oils (oils are to be used sparingly) (25%)
  4. Proteins – fish, lean meat and soy meals (25%)
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