Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

Valentine From God

My Dearest LOVE and LOVER,
To you I dedicate this poem;
On the night of your delicate arrival
There was palpable and reverberating excitement
As I waited in timely timelessness
Space couldn’t measure the present position
You attained immeasurably
As I placed you Ahead, First and on Top
Your star In the sky lit so brightly
Shinning with Scintillating Pageantry
And the fellow  Numerous Stars in their Constellations
How they danced Vibrantly with Exuding Vibration
And so did the Cherubs and Seraphs Cheer you on
Jubilating with you in Jubilation in this year of Jubilee
The Clouds not wanting to be Left Out
Made a Runway of Glamour to show
My love for you is in the Air
So enthralled was I back then….
When we Wined and Dined
In the Corridors of Expedient Power
When we strolled and whispered sweet love songs
To each other, for each other
And we couldn’t do without one another
We were inseparable
How often you were glad to come to my HOUSE
Happy to embrace me sweetly
How you wept when you didn’t see me
And thought I had left you at the altar
Now I search desperately looking for you
In the nooks and cranny
Bars, beer parlors  and neon lights disgracing
The Garment of Praise I Gave to you
On our First Date
I often wonder about you
What you do in your idle moments?!?
Where you are and who or what is
Encroaching massively on my love for you
I perceive you have found a perishable lover
Who with Temporary Contaminating Satisfaction
Will air you out into Unbelievable Shame and Obscurity
I am stricken with Jealousy
When I see you smitten by sheer fantasy
What went wrong?
Where did we go wrong in our infallible love
You whose steps raced to my Sanctum
Now hesitate in shyness like a stranger
What happened to the night we had our first dance
And I gave you Abundance of Treasures of Riches
To make your soul swell and soar in delight
Yet you have replaced it all with important debris
With manifest ignorance in blissful dedication
I know you did it all not intentionally
But you vexed me
As you forget continually how you adored me
Day and night gazing upon me in wonder in my HOUSE
Your beauty, my accessory
Your make up, my signature
Your adornment, my defining moment
You are my model, my designer, my very own
I will gladly show you off!
Your Fragrance like Fresh Sprouts of Olives
You are the Pinnacle of my Temple
The Pillar of my Palace
The Plateaux of my  great Mountains
The Peak of my Tabernacle
As I Pull apart the Curtains of Glory and Splendor
And I call you by a New Name and Clothe you again
In Redeeming Beauty
When you come back and refuse to hide from me
Because you are mine truly and I am all yours
My Beloved!!!
Look Up and Engage your heart with mine
Let the Soft Whispers of the Gentle Breeze
The Little Bird that Sings
Encourage my love for you to blossom
Let the Parting of the Foamy Waves
Giving Way to the Roaring deep Blue Sea
Be my Message of Love to You
For You are mine and
My banner over you is Love!!!

DR. Modupe Oyetade

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