Alex Adegboye

Alex Adegboye

Senior Pastor: Word Alive Ministries International

National Workers Congress 2013 – Preach The Word

2Tim 4:2 Preach the Word…

The National Workers Congress is an annual event in which the entire workers of The Word Alive Ministries, a.k.a. The Stone Church would converge in an assemblage where God’s word would be taught, the values of the ministry reiterated and passions rekindled and reenergized for greater service. Working for the Almighty is an honourable task, one with an eternal reward.

The theme of this year’s congress is “Preach the Word”. One of the core values of the church is teaching the Truth – God’s Word. In this two day assembly, the church’s pastors, ministers and workers alike will be taken through sessions of ministrations where the value of the Word would be reiterated, dynamics and methods in word ministration explicitly expounded.

News and Media had a chat with the set man of the ministry. The following was excerpted from his response:

Que. 1: The theme of this year’s NWC is “Preach the Word”. What inspired this theme and what does it imply?

Ans: The word of God is one of the core values of this ministry and we wish to keep it so. The NWC is a capacity building for the long run. The theme is intended at emphasizing again the place of God’s word in our lives as Christians and in the ministry so that those who work and serve God here would do so appropriately and effectively. God’s word is our mandate; if we emphasize it well God will bless it, otherwise, we will get much less blessings. We want to use this assemblage of the church’s workers to revisit, reestablish and so continue in line with what we consider as the core values of the ministry. We want to teach the people the content and context of a good message and how to preach it.

Que. 2: Last year’s congress was tagged Building To Pattern. Has there been a tremendous improvement in workers and ministers application of the knowledge acquired?

Ans: Well, I do hope so. I believe there has been. It is just one year. One thing about God’s word is that you have to work it over a period of time to make it a part of one’s system. Sometimes, we tend to be distracted about what others are doing. This conference is aimed at helping us to keep our core values in place.

Que. 3: What is your rating of workers’ performance between last year’s congress and now?

Ans: I sure believe things have gotten better. Though, I’ve have not gone round all the churches, I have reports about their affairs and it has helped me to start a process that will help to sharpen the performance of various churches.

Que. 4: What do you expect from the church’s workforce in this year’s congress?

Ans: I expect that the people will be better informed about important values they should hold dearly in the ministry as a whole. I do hope by this, many of our pastors will reevaluate their messages and put their emphasis where they should be.

Que. 5: What should the workers expect in this congress?

Ans: They should expect very powerful teaching sessions. They will be instructed a great deal on the efficacy, necessity and the power of God’s word. They will be taught how to use God’s word with more skills. They will also be taught how to preach God’s word better.

Que. 6: The ICC has been commissioned and is been used. Do you see this as a monumental achievement or should we expect something greater?

Ans: It is an achievement but there is still a lot more in the years ahead as long as we continue to press on and do greater things for the kingdom.

Que. 7: What advice do you have for the workers home and abroad?

Ans: I advise them to come to this conference and be part of it, so that; they will leave not only with information but also with a fresh anointing to serve God better.

Que. 8: What eulogy do you have for those doing well and encouragement for those not up and doing?

Ans: Those doing well should continue and even do better. While those not doing well should see this conference as a wake-up call so that they can serve God with distinction, so that they can get the reward at the end of their lives’ journey. The service you do for God can never be a loss. Any thing you do for God is a well invested time. A life lived for God is a well invested life. The life lived for yourself is for your own goals, at the end will turn into dust and then look like a wasted life. Any time spent in serving God is a well invested life.

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